"a cellist for all seasons"



Dirje Childs, freelance cellist, is a natural musician whose joy in making music comes through in every note.  She has spent the last 16 years supporting traveling artists at festivals and listening rooms, crafting and playing string arrangements in the recording studio. and playing with a variety of groups.  At home with many musical genres and able to read and improvise, she is, indeed, a cellist for all seasons.


Dirje makes her home in Plano, Texas. If you are touring/playing in Texas, or working on a recording project and need some tactical support, please consider Dirje as a dramatic way to enhance your work.
Contact Dirje on FACEBOOK, and listen to samples of her work on Reverbnation or email her at dirje@dirje.com.  

Dirje has toured in Texas and played festivals supporting Pierce Pettis, Amy Speace, Grace Pettis, Billy Crockett, Dan Navarro, Darryl Purpose, Tom Prasada-Rao and many more.  Recently she has been an occasional guest artist with The William Foley Ensemble, and has enjoyed playing some shows as a trio with Tom Prasada-Rao and Julie Bonk.


In addition to her freelance work, Dirje has been member of a neo-vaudeville band, The Wahooligans, with David Hendley and John B. Smith and The Aisling String Trio, with Gordon and Christy McLeod. Also Angelus, a trio of cello, harp, and piano used as a foundation for meditation and prayer, with Carolyn Brinkman and Paula Lemmon, and The Attoyac Valley String Band, an old-time medicine show band, with Steve and Sheryl Hartz. She also played for many years with Randy Brown and John DeFoore, as the trio Jealousy Motel.


Blessed with a good ear, Dirje is widely known for her easy-going, professional spirit. She has supported Darryl Purpose, Grace Pettis and RJ Cowdery on albums produced by Billy Crockett, and worked on studio projects with Cary Cooper, and albums produced by Tom Prasada-Rao for national and local Dallas artists, such as Lainey Bernstein.

Listen to her most recent work, produced by Billy Crockett at Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley, Texas, on " Two Birds " at www.gracepettis.com.

    "Dirje Child's sound is rich and moving, from sweeping low lines to funky rhythms, and all sorts of other voices that only Dirje can conjure from her instrument. The only downside of playing with an incredibly versatile, skillful artist is that you end up not being able to hear your songs without her."  - Grace Pettis

Dirje with Blue Rock Studio Chief Engineer Charlie Kramsky


praise for Dirje and her cello

Dirje Childs is the total musician, classically trained, but also with an incredible gift for improvisation. I've never known a better sideman or a quicker study. Performing with her is a seamless joy. Dirje is the King Kong of Cello!
- Pierce Pettis  http://www.piercepettis.com

Rarely in my musical life have I met a musician as accomplished, intuitive, and soulful as Dirje Childs. She plays the cello like it's an extension of her heart; every hidden hurt, every secret joy comes alive when her bow hits the strings. On stage or in the studio, Dirje always makes my music better.

- Tom Prasada-Rao http://www.tomprasadarao.com

Dirje's cello sings of a deep river. Her smile does too.


It's something about intuition and courage. She finds an immediate path to the heart of the song." 

- Billy Crockett  http://www.billycrockett.com

Dirje Childs has the uncanny ability to deliver just the right note at just the right time! Not just a GREAT player but a great listener, she is fearless and fabulous. We always look forward to our collaborations with Dirje."
- Kelly Mulhollan, Still on the Hill http://www.stillonthehill.com/







"There's always room for Cello"