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 Cello & Composition


In 2015, Dirje  relocated to Central Texas to be more involved in The Blue Rock Foundation and to expand her creative path. She loves to record at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, her monastery.  As a cellist, she is known for her ability to craft parts in the moment, and has performed and recorded with countless singer songwriters. Do you wish to have some cello on your project? Please feel free to contact her for pricing and availability. 


Though she has studied the cello some formally, she was largely self-taught in the area of music composition until she applied and completed an MFA in Music Composition at Vermont College of Fine Arts.


A major collaborative force in her life is composer/artist/producer, Billy Crockett.  Another key influence and informal mentor is William Foley, jazz pianist and composer located in Dallas, TX.  


She is deeply grateful for the comradeship and support of these and other dear friends.


"It's something about intuition and courage.

She finds an immediate path to the heart of the song."

- Billy Crockett


1) "Drouth Stricken Area" by Grace Pettis, featuring original instrumental section composed and arranged by Dirje Childs. (song commissioned by the Dallas Museum of Art)  (CLICK HERE to read Grace's comments about this collaboration, in an exclusive interview by Sidney Lanier Burke, from (note, the cello plays "wind on the strings" and is nearly in audible for about a minute....part of the piece.)


2) The Sherpas, at Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, performing their encore, "Angels", December 10th, 2015, featuring Dirje Childs as guest supporting artist.


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