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For 20 years, Dirje has worked as a professional listener, both as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a freelance improvisational cellist. She has counseled individuals and groups in clinics, schools and private practice, coached people with chronic illness, and presented workshops and seminars on personal growth and wellness. As The Grateful Cellist and using the cello to lead participants to quietude, she conducts retreats, workshops and seminars related to the call to an an artful life--how to live life to the full.  Here is a link to explore these programs:




Dirje and Kate Potter, Yoga luminary of Namaste TV fame, are available to present workshops and events together in either or both of their TWO modalities:  YogaCelloLive: a gentle directed Yoga class with live cello, and 

MeditationCelloLive: a guided practice suited for seated audiences of any and every size, in pursuit of health, calm and centering.  Please contact Dirje directly as the schedule is developing. Here is a video about the two modalities.



Kate Potter and Dirje's original music Savasana, from recent CD Four Contemplations, video tells about YogaCelloLive and MeditationCelloLive



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